0003 – Wendy Moore

In today’s podcast I talk to Wendy Moore.  Wendy is a musician, athlete and keto enthusiast.  After a health scare led to some weight gain, Wendy, who had been low carb in the past, turned to keto and fasting.  She is now organizing her first keto retreat in Perth, Ontario in September 2018.  If you’re […]

Recipe Review

Keto Chocolate Muffins

I had a craving tonight for chocolate cake and went looking for an alternative.  I found a recipe for Keto Chocolate Muffins that looked easy and quick to make on the My Keto Kitchen website. The recipe calls for almond flour, cocoa, erythritol, heavy cream, butter, vanilla, eggs, baking powder and sugar free chocolate chips. […]


Top 4 Science-Based Low Carb Websites

The websites I’ve named in my Top 4 are mostly physician-led, science-based websites. These are the websites that I go back to again and again  when I’m looking for reliable information.  Diet Doctor – My all-time favourite website.  This is the first place I went when I started to dabble in LCHF in September 2017.  The […]


0002 – The Menopause Podcast

Today I talk about my experience with menopause and it’s effect on my ability to lose weight. References Diet Doctor – 10 Tips to Lose Weight on Low Carb for Women 40+ – Weight Loss Struggles of Women 50+ – Interview with Jacqueline Eberstein,  RN – Post-menopausal weight gain and the ketogenic diet? – Q&A Dr. Jason […]


0001 – An Introduction

In this introductory episode I give a little background about me and what I’m hoping to achieve.  This podcast was recorded on March 28th but it took awhile to figure out the editing!  Please forgive the terrible sound quality.   I have a new microphone that I’ll be using from now on! A podcast dedicated […]