0003 – Wendy Moore

In today’s podcast I talk to Wendy Moore.  Wendy is a musician, athlete and keto enthusiast.  After a health scare led to some weight gain, Wendy, who had been low carb in the past, turned to keto and fasting.  She is now organizing her first keto retreat in Perth, Ontario in September 2018.  If you’re […]


How to Lose Weight in Menopause

I’ve been very frustrated lately because I can’t seem to lose any weight on keto.  I started in January and now it’s mid-April.  During that time, I was in ketosis for 9 weeks.  I have lost .3 pounds.  I was really excited the other day, I thought I was going to be able to post […]



It’s time to look to the future!  Here’s what I’ve already done so far… I’ve removed almost all carbs from my diet, including fruit and condiments like ketchup, bbq sauce and relish. I’ll eat a blueberry or two now and then, but generally, no fruit. I still eat vegetables, mostly green salads as well as cheese and […]