Diet Doctor – The place to go for beginners on LCHF or Keto.  Tons of expert videos and recipes.  Sign up for free for 1 month to get access to all the videos, it’s $9 a month after that but you can cancel after your first month if you want to.

Intensive Dietary Management – The home of Dr. Jason Fung’s Program.  A trustworthy source of information and he’s Canadian like me.

Diagnosis: Diet –  The website of Dr. Georgia Ede.  Dr. Ede is a well-known psychiatrist. Her blog is a wealth of information on how nutrition affects many different areas of our health including mental health.

Dr. Zoe Harcombe, PhD – Dr. Harcombe is the author of many books on diet and nutrition, including The Obesity Epidemic and The Harcombe Diet.   In her blog, she reports on actual research papers and studies in nutrition.

The Berry Clinic Blog – Dr. Berry practices medicine in Tennessee.  His blog is a great source of information on a wide variety of health topics.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee – Author of How to Make Disease Disappear

Dr. Assem Malhotra – Author of The Pioppi Diet

Gary Taubes – Author of The Case Against Sugar, Good Calories Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It.

Eat the Butter – A cool meal builder if you can’t decide what to make for dinner. Lots recipes and science too.  Sign up for their email newsletter and you get articles and new information directly to your inbox.

Keto Connect – Matt and Megha’s site is a great place for recipes. They also do YouTube videos and the Keto for Normies podcast.

Low Carb Yum – More great recipes.  I’ve made the Instant Pot Chocolate Cheesecake.  Disgustingly thick, rich and fantastic.

The Castaway Kitchen – More recipes!

Body Positivity and Anti-Diet Culture Websites

Dare Not to Diet – The website of nutritionist Glenys Oyston of the Dieticians Unplugged podcast.

Summer Innanen –  Summer is the voice behind the Fearless a Rebelle podcast. If you have a habit of beating yourself up over your weight, start here.  Summer will beat that attitude right out of you!

Linda Bacon – A website from the author of Health at Every Size and co-author of Body Respect. This site has lots of resource links.

Isabel Foxen Duke – sign up for her email list and get butt-kicking, body positive,  anti-diet, inspiration straight to your inbox!

Note: Almost all of these sites have a product that they are trying to sell. It could be a book, coaching, meal plans, diet guides or memberships. However, they all have lots of free resources on them too. A lot of them have free videos on YouTube or podcasts as well. You don’t have to buy anything to get some benefit from each of these sites.