Remaining Positive When the Hormones are Stacked Against You

About once a month, I go through a period of doubt. I wonder if this whole low-carb thing is worth it. I think about throwing in the towel and just eating the damned chocolate cake or ice cream or potatoes or whatever.  I wonder if I should stop blogging or YouTubing or Podcasting.   Is anyone listening, watching or reading?  After all, the news behind headlines isn’t all that encouraging.   

Imagine if instead of the post titled “Know Your Triggers”,  I posted something titled “Middle-aged woman on Keto Diet Caves to Pressure and Eats Cake…Again” or instead of, “How to Lose Weight in Menopause” I used the title “Don’t even Bother Trying to Lose Weight in Menopause, It’s no Good, You can Only Hope To Stem The Tide.”  My weekly updates on Instagram could proclaim proudly: “Keto since January 2018 and Down 2 Pounds!!!!”,  followed by the next week’s post, “Keto Since January 2018 and Up 1/2 Pound!!!”.  

Yes, it’s hard to remain positive.  I think the worst thing is all the wonderful transformations that you can see online.  I mean, yeah, I’m happy for you and all, but, sometimes it feels like I’m the only one out there who isn’t suddenly dropping tons of fat and discovering a deep love and connection with cauliflower. 

Then I’ll listen to a podcast or read a post that will remind me that I am unique, that I didn’t get to this point of leptin resistance, insulin resistance and obesity overnight.  That my experience and results on keto aren’t going to be the same as anyone else’s and neither will anyone else’s be the same as mine. I will be reminded not to compare my results to those of others.  I will be reminded that it’s not just the number on the scale that matters.  I will be reminded of all of reasons that I choose to eat low carb. And I will be hopeful again. 

Today’s reminder came from The Obesity Code Podcast, in the episode titled “Energy Balance”.  In it, Dr. Jason Fung outlines simply how the Calories In/Calories Out weight loss model doesn’t work.  He reminds us that cutting calories is only going to slow down the metabolism.  He goes on to explain why it’s so hard for someone who has been obese for a long time to lose weight.  He reminds us that we shouldn’t compare our results with anyone else’s because we are all unique.  When he explains it, it makes so much sense, it’s so logical.  My body isn’t broken.  It’s doing what it’s supposed to do.  It’s trying to keep my weight stable and it’s working perfectly.

And so, I’ll keep on doing my low-carb, intermittent fasting thing and hopefully, eventually, my body will get the message and let go of some of the weight.  In the meantime, I will keep reading and listening and I will go forward with hope and a more positive outlook.


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  1. Places like instagram do give off the impression that everyone is having the most amazing times of their life every time they post. I’m guilty of that. My weight doesn’t move much (though I can say it does a little)…but I don’t mention that there. Nor do I mention my constant internal monologue that feeds me with nagging doubt (is nagging guilt full of hidden carbs??). I can’t help but compare with others though – what’s that about?!
    This is for the long term though, month on month, hormone on hormone…take each day as it comes etc.

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