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I was a chubby child. When I look back at my childhood pictures now, I wasn’t even really that big, but I was bigger than the other kids and that was enough to draw some pretty nasty teasing. When puberty came along, I gained weight quickly. I got stretch marks on my thighs. My mother first saw the stretch marks as I modelled my new bathing suit the summer that I was 14. She kind of freaked out. Mom sent me to a nutritionist and I went on my first low fat diet. I lost 35 pounds.

Suddenly, the boys took an interest in me, I was popular for a year and then the weight started coming back on. By the time I left high school, the 35 pounds were back, plus some. Through university, I (and my friends) went to great lengths to try to attain thiness, we veered between dieting and binging, we smoked and took laxatives. As I started my working life, I dieted constantly. I was consumed by my size and trying to lose weight.

A bad breakup and a move to a new city started me down a path of binge eating that would bring my weight up to 225 pounds. At the time, my mom was seeing a doctor about her cholesterol levels. The doctor suggested that her children should get checked. I was told my triglycerides were too high and I needed to lose some weight. The doctor put me on a drug called fenfluramine.

Fenfluramine is an amphetamine and appetite suppressant. Suddenly, I was full of energy. I lived on steamed chicken and microwaved popcorn. I went to the gym and did aerobics 6 days a week. I lost 75 pounds. Then, they found out that fenfluramine wasn’t particularly good for your heart. The lab rats were all keeling over from heart valve problems. No more fenfluramine for me.

Life was pretty good for a while, I met my husband and we had a son. Over the years the weight crept back on. All the while I was dieting. There were attempts at working out, Weight Watchers, TOPS, low fat everything and hunger all the time. In April of 2014, I hit my all time high weight.

At that point, I joined a program through our local hospital. I had waited for a year to get in. The program consisted of group nutritional counselling, doctor visits to monitor blood work and drinking meal replacement shakes. I ate nothing but chocolate Optifast shakes for 11 weeks, 900 calories a day. (I was supposed to do 12 weeks but the last week of the program I was on a Mediterranean cruise.) I lost 42 pounds on the shakes and then another 18 pounds after that following the recommended low fat diet. 60 pounds total.

I looked pretty good, but I wasn’t satisfied. To be the right, socially acceptable, size I had to lose more. The on and off low fat dieting cycle continued and, you guessed it, the weight started to come back on. By September of 2017, I had regained 30 pounds.

That month, my doctor pointed me in the direction of the Diet Doctor website. I watched every video on that site. I started eating LCHF. I lost about 5 pounds doing that. I did more reading, including The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. In December, I joined the IDM Program and, in January 2018, I went keto and added intermittent fasting. I’ve lost another 3 pounds.

Now in all fairness, since last September, I’ve fallen off the LCHF and keto wagons a few times. Okay, many times. Sometimes for days at a time. I’ve been intermittent fasting but haven’t done anything longer than 37 hours.  So my lack of success may not be the whole fault of this way of eating. But surely, with all the changes to my diet that I have made, I should have made better progress, shouldn’t I?

Next post…what have I changed so far and what is my next step?


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