5 Actions to Help You Get Back On Track

I had a rough time last week.  I went off the plan and got into a bit of downward spiral.  Anyway, it’s a new month and I’m getting right back at it. Here’s my 5 Actions to Help You (and me) Get Back on Track!

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Nobody’s perfect.  Everyone has good and bad days.  Life can be stressful.  Learning a new way of eating and building new patterns and routines takes time.   Move on and keep working at it.

2. Review Your Goals

Write down why you started your new way of eating or go back to review your journal from when you started.  Do you still have the same goals?  If so, great, just get back at it.  If not, then maybe your plan needs to change.

3. Remember the “Rules”

Re-read one of your favourite books or blog posts and remind yourself what foods you want to eat and make you feel healthy and what foods don’t fit the plan or make you feel well.   Go grocery shopping and fill the fridge and cupboards with the right stuff.  If you can, throw out anything that isn’t in the plan.

4. Go Back to Basics

Keep it simple and get back into a routine.  Go back to simple meals that don’t require a lot of planning or thought. Think meat and vegetables and heathy fats.  Maybe skip trying any elaborate new recipes until the routine starts to feel really routine again.

5. Skip the Dessert

Even low-carb and keto desserts have more carbs than meat and vegetables.  For a while keep the carb count as low as possible to reduce hunger and cravings.  When you start to feel more in control, you can add them back in slowly.



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